How does detailing differ from valeting?

Detailing requires far more attention using fine and often more expensive products and techniques to enhance, correct and protect the finish of the vehicle with every aspect taken into account.

Your prices seem expensive, how are they justified?

Our prices are based around a set rate for a service that is highly skilled with every care and attention to detail taken into account, whilst using the finest quality products and techniques available.

Most paint correctional details take between 10-24 hrs (1-3 days) to complete. The customer is made aware before commencing and the price is agreed so there are no hidden costs or hourly labour charges.

Altec Detailing has invested heavily in the best equipment, products and insurance to give peace of mind to you, the customer, that your vehicle is receiving the best possible care and attention.

Do I need to book?

Yes, we require your vehicle to be booked in and all customers are required to make an appointment, which if more than a week away we will often call to confirm 2 days in advance.

How can I pay?

All work is invoiced and payment is requested by cash or cheque on completion.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We would normally require a minimum 72 hrs notice if you wish to cancel your appointment, so giving us a chance to replace the work, otherwise a cancellation charge may be incurred or deposit lost.

We understand that problems arise at the last minute and we are discretionary towards these, and on most occasions will re-book the appointment to another date.

With the unreliability of the British weather, we may have to re-book appointments with you.

Do you use acid or harmful chemicals?

No, all of the products and chemicals we use are from the industry’s leading manufacturers and have undergone rigorous testing before being allowed on the open market.

The products we use are pH controlled detergents and citrus based cleaners combined with fine waxes and polishes which are reflected in the price.

We leave the acid based products to the less reputable handwash and valeting outfits who charge less because they are not concerned about your repeat business.

My car has had the paint protection done at the dealership, can you still wax it?

Yes, applying wax has no effect on the sealant. This is a common myth that main dealers lead you to believe. It is a marketing ploy when they tell you that you won’t need to touch the paintwork for 3 years as they have over 100% mark up on this application.